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Helping organisations and businesses get to grips with digital technology.

What I do


Digital technology strategy

How will your organisation be affected by the increasing use of digital technology? Whether you are a local council wanting to know how to best use social media or a corporate that needs to make sure that your staff can stay productive while still communicating freely, you need to recognise how digital technology is going to change your organisation.

By identifying the critical changes that digital technology is making to the way you work, I can ensure that you are ahead of the game and able to adapt. The necessary organisational and operational projects and initiative can then be planned and implemented to a timescale and schedule that meets the urgency required as well as the appetite of your organisation.

This digital strategy should be communicated across your organisation in ways that mean everyone understands what it's for and how it affects their roles. I am able to work with internal comms teams to makes sure that your staff know what the digital strategy will mean for them.


Agile transformation

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever and new ways of running projects are emerging that allow organisations to keep pace. The Agile methodology is one of those. It promises to deliver the dream of better products quicker and for less cost

In reality, in order to live up to these promises an Agile project needs more than a group of developers and a stack of post-it notes. Understanding how Agile development affects the whole organisation and what responsibilities it places on stakeholders and budgets is critical to its success.

My experience of working with Agile development teams as an agency gives me the ability to prepare you for working in an Agile environment and make sure that it works for you.


Designing for your customers

Whether you are a start-up building a new website or application, or a service provider looking to channel shift your customer interactions', designing to your customers needs is fundamental to the success of your project.

Knowing where and when to use service design and user experience techniques, tools and services will mean that you can ensure that you know what your users do and think in time for it to affect the design of your service. Sometimes, research and user engagement upfront is wise as with digital products it's never too late to make a change, but building an efficient process of testing, analysing and adapting can mean that your service is always improving.

I am able to identify, recommend and then carry out the right user-centred design processes that meet the needs of your project and ensure that your product or service meets the needs of your customers.


Implementing change

Not all change has to be big change and even big change is sometimes better done iteratively. Pilots, prototypes and proofs of concept can make sure that the changes are right, feasible and the technology solution will really enable it.

In many cases a pilot programme (or even a full production project) can be based on open source or free/low cost web applications.

What I've done


Who I Am

CZN Digital is Saul Cozens, a seasoned digital professional who has worked with web technology since 1993.

For the past 11 years I have worked for Technophobia, a successful Sheffield digital agency, on a wide range of clients including:

  • The Co-operative Bank
  • (now the Government Procurement Service)
  • RBS Insurance
  • Sheffield City Council
  • Television Licensing
  • Technology Strategy Board
  • Best Western Hotels
  • Becta
  • BBC

Now I can bring my experience of understanding business issues, organisational constraints, commercial objectives and technical options together to help you address the challenges of the future.

I have an extensive network of freelance and agency contacts, from designers, developers and sysadmins who can also make the advice, ideas and plans a reality. I can take you from identifying your greatest challenges to delivering a way to solve those problems.

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